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IFFDC at a Glance

Registration – On 22nd October, 1993 under Multi-State
Cooperative Societies Act, 1984 (subsequently under MSCS Act, 2002)

Area of operation – The whole Indian Union.

Portfolios – Farm Forestry and Climate Change, Watershed Management (Ecological Resilience), Nutritional and Economic Security for Tribal and Marginalized Communities (NEST), Sustainable Rural Livelihoods, CSR Initiatives, Cross Cutting Interventions (Gender Mainstreaming, Community Institution Development, Capacity Building), Seed Production, Agri-Input Supply and Consultancy Services.

Projects under Implementation – 28 Projects in collaboration with various National & International agencies.

Rural Development Projects Implemented – Worth more than Rs.16 crore/per year

Annual Turnover – Rs.1464 Crore

Member Cooperatives – 172

Cooperatives Developed – 166 (PFFCS-152, PLDCS-14).

Members of Primary Cooperatives – 21,119 (38% Women Members).

Self Help Groups Formed & Membership – 1,723 with total membership of 17,623 (93% women members).

Wasteland afforested – 29,420 ha.

Total Existing Trees – 141 lakh.

Seed Production – 4.63 lakh quintals (Raw Seed)

Seed Marketing – 3.37 lakh quintals (Certified Seed)

Ensuring Livelihood Improvement – More than 4.90 lakh families.

Area treated under Watershed Development – 16,974 ha.

Water Resources Development – 241 Check Dams and 1025 Ponds.

Total Employees (Number) – 283 (from various disciplines viz; Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering, Forestry, Social Sciences,Management, Computer & Information Technology, Finance & Accountancy etc.

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